Eyes Wide Open

~Let us get up early…and see if the vine flourishes, whether the pomegranates bud forth, there I will give you my love~

March 6, 2010

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It seems that blogging has fallen out of popularity these days.  I mean, heck, with the competition of facebook and it’s 50 word “what’s on your mind,” blogging seems a bit long winded……Or less shallow…

The problem I face now with blogging is that I feel as if I can’t reeeally say what’s on my mind anyhow, facebook or not.  Evidently it’s not acceptable these days to be a real human being.  I will venture to still be one.

So here we go again…semi-regularly blogging.


Changed My Mind January 25, 2009

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I am again blogging. Just not here. I need to change things up a bit I guess just to keep everyone awake and on their toes. So come on over to our newly decorated “living room.”
And bookmark it, ok?


One (more) Thing December 28, 2008

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We arrived home last night around 11:45p. Thank you Jesus! It’s SO good to be home. It was even more awesome to stand outside and breathe in the 65 degree air. Wow! We’ve been in 20’s in Nebraska most of the time we were gone.

Today was full with an airport run, washing clothes and bedding (puking kids, ya know…) putting away, rearranging, cleaning out the fridge, making a trip to Costco, planning meals and snacks for OneThing, and attempting a fire in the fireplace….but alas, the wood is still wet.

Tomorrow all here in KC hit the ground running to work the conference. I believe the crazy weather is just a slight rumble of the heavens as we set our faces to seek the Beautiful One and see Him release thousands of young ones into their callings. It’s gonna be awesome. You should come!


Over the river and through the woods December 25, 2008

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It’s been a holly jolly busy week!  After ministering a week ago, we spent this past week here and there and all around.  Wednesday saw us in mid Nebraska visiting great grandma.  She was tipped off by a lurking family member (Kristi) but we had a nice dinner with her and got some shopping done.

Friday Eric and I drove to Ft. Collins to see our dear friends and her family.  It was a quick 24 hour jaunt, however we had a great time and a nice drive home.

Monday afternoon we were in the car again to the eastern end of Nebraska for a Christmas-y get together.  We love to chat and play games and drink coffee with the local folk here.  I had planned to drive back 3 hours to the inlaws, however at 2 am when the coffee ran out we ended up spending the night. You wouldn’t think so, but  brushing your teeth with soap and a wash cloth works pretty darn good.

Today we finished up our Christmas shopping and are hanging out waiting for my brother-in-law and his family.  We’ll open gifts in about an hour.  We usually have sandwiches and soup and play a few games.  Tomorrow morning we spend with my side of the fam.   Yay!

I’m looking forward to getting home and going to OneThing.  I’ve had some special moments with Jesus but with all the busyness, I’m just really longing for those quiet alone times with Him.  So hope you all find that quiet mystical place in the midst of the blessings of life this holiday season.  Merry Christmas!


Eric and I Wed. night before we walked in the Living Nativity….bbbrrrrr


Eric coloring the roots of my hair



The kids got to open one gift last night from gram and gramps….Gracie was elated to get “Julie” the American doll


Homemade scones this morning, SO YUMMY!  Almond Poppyseed with whip


Phin Phin in the present pile


December 16, 2008

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Waiting in line at JC Penney the other day I witnessed an interesting conversation between Uri and an 80ish year old woman. It went kinda like this:

80 lady: Is Santa coming to your house this year?

Uri: (without hesitation or cracking a smile) Santa is dead.

80 lady: What’d he say?

grandma: Oh, nothing…..

80 lady: Do you have any presents under your tree?

Uri: Do you have any presents under your tree?

80 lady: No, no one has brought any presents over to me.

Uri: Is that cuz you’re so old?



Pedometers, Seasonal Post it notes and Ceramics December 13, 2008

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It was a fun time last night out in the garage.  Eric’s mom and I spent the afternoon decorating the garage and preparing for around 30 people.  We had already baked a few things but then put together meatballs, weiners, artichoke jalepeno dip, and a couple relish trays.  The plan was to have Eric make “Kirby Queso” which is the nummiest.  When we were in Austin, TX earlier in the year, Eric and I ordered this like every day.  I’m not exactly sure what happened (it may have had something to do with me putting milk in the cheese product….I dunno) but it ended up being Kirby Queso soup water.  I think it was a combination of the microwaving and milk but who knows.  It was nice poured over chips….in a drippy sort of way.

After food, we had a gift exchange and th



This was pretty involved…. 🙂



Beautiful Bonnie



You’d look like this if you got seasonal post it notes, too!



December 12, 2008

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Tomorrow is the first of two dinner parties this weekend. One Friday one Monday evening. Eric and I were planning on going to visit his grandma this weekend but he’ll be speaking Sunday at my parents church. He’s spent the week praying with the pastor and really been able to get to know him a lot better.

Tonight after dinner with my beautiful cousin and her husband, I’ve been hanging out with my 5 little princesses. My nieces were over so mommy and daddy could go Christmas shopping. Fun times.

And so, not much document-able excitement here. It’s all cartoons and kids and snacks and vacuuming and diapers and bottles and dress up clothes….:)

Pics tomorrow for sure.